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02   /   06   /   2000

The Flying Star Café (previously named Double Rainbow) on Menaul Blvd. in Albuquerque, New Mexico was designed to create a dynamic dialogue between the street and architecture.  Menaul Blvd. is a busy strip that runs east west through Albuquerque from the Mountains to the River. 


The design strategy was to push the Building up close to the street on the west and south facades and wrap the corner of the Building with a metal skin that overhangs and challenges the traffic as well as blocking the western sun.  The protected east side opens up to access from parking with views of the mountains and a south canopy entrance that passively moderates the buildings temperature.  


Building materials were chosen from a palette of existing buildings along Menaul that include metal siding, exposed steel, tile, glass and stucco.  In contrast to the muted colors of the exterior, the interior is full of vibrant colors and sloping planes.  The inside corner of the overhanging façade is enhanced by a wood siding mural by Inez Foose.

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