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09   /   20   /   2003

Rebar was the re-birth of a University of New Mexico bar that had been in the community for over 40 years. The new design was conceived to establish a dialogue and filter between the restaurant and the street, Route 66.  The new perforated steel screen façade mediates between the public space of the interior and the larger urban structure of Albuquerque.  During the day the screen reinforces the street façade, filtering the traffic and pedestrians from the diners while at night the interior illuminates through the screen creating an inviting glow.


The 2,400-square-foot building is divided between kitchen, bar and dining.  The interior bar/dining space is carved from the block in an angular fashion, inspired by the arroyos that run from the mountains to the river.  This creates a simulated natural meandering flow of interior space adjacent to the linear flow of street traffic.  Natural wood, steel and concrete materials are accented by custom designed lighting in the floor and walls.  The bar is back-lighted by an illuminated cabinet that diffuses the colors of liquor bottles through sandblasted glass doors.


AIA Albuquerque Merit Award, 2003

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