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acequia de corrales

retail & cafe

08   /   06   /   2006

The Acequia de Corrales Project consists of a 5,700 square foot Café / Restaurant and a 10,000 square foot Retail / Office Building. 


The organization of the Buildings on the Site takes advantage of the natural setting.  Retail / Office space to the North of the Site is orientated toward Corrales Road with a shopping arcade that combines warm toned, textured concrete with rusted corten steel and wide expanses of glazing.  The Flying Star Café anchors the Site on the South end with an outdoor patio between the Retail and the Café that focuses on the natural setting of the Bosque and views of the Sandia Mountains to the East.  The architectural palette for the Flying Star consists of rammed earth, warm toned stucco, corten steel and large expanses of glass opening up to the views. 


The architecture is intended to integrate with the landscape of the North Valley, mediating between the busy traffic of the surrounding shopping centers and the tranquil environment of the Bosque.  The courtyard space between the buildings is designed as a transition space between the hard regimented paving and landscaping of the street to the natural order of nature.

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